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(amyt) #24

I haven’t checked recently, but I will now. Note that we don’t always delete everything that is reported. We try to be as flexible and inclusive as possible.

(Robnurflugel) #25

I haven’t been following this as closely as I should.
There have been a couple i’ve personally approved where they have been similar but maybe too similar.
Is there a way to reject one in the list that is exactly the same as the one before it? I’ve been approving one, finding the link and pasting that into the duplicate dialog, but there should be a better way.
Is there any notes in the creation area that says it may take up to 24 hours to be approved, as it is done by people?

(❤️) #26

The only way that we have to reject a theme identical or too similar to another even if created by different authors is to consider it as a normal duplicate, even adding in the small window in addition the link or title a few words of further comment. The author who copied never complain the rejection, at most he will continue to subject the theme endlessly hoping for an oversight.
No need to place the theme among Flagged requiring more information because when the leader reviewer will approve it, anyway will be created the duplicate.
I realize that it is impossible to know all the existing themes to prevent copies :flushed: but this kind of authors generally prefer the more famous ones, then try to have a look only at the most popular themes of the authors more quoted.
Then should be addressed the problem of themes “all black”, “all-white” or “infinite shades of gray” … the system alerts them as probable duplicates so I chose to reject, citing a possible original and a short comment… hoping that it is correct.

(Robnurflugel) #27

Those dark coloured ‘solid’ themes are doing my head in. I think we are right in rejecting those that for all intents and purposes are black.

(Pamela Rosensteel) #28 - duplicate

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Not sure if just changing the font colour takes it out of the ‘duplicate’ category, but we have a bunch of themes about the Jolteon pokemon character that are exactly the same except for the font colour of the tab content. What’s the general rule on this?

(Pamela Rosensteel) #30 - duplicate - duplicate - duplicate - duplicate

For some reason when the seventh Harry Potter movie came out, there were a ton of duplicates coming in so fast by a lot of brand new users. There are more duplicates online than what I have posted here, but either they have someone using them or they aren’t easily searchable because of no specific information about the movie given in the title or description.

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(Pamela Rosensteel) #33 - duplicate - duplicate - duplicate

(Mono) #34

My latest submission (which would look like this: ) was rejected because @candelora considered it a duplicate of this:

Well its not a duplicate. I’d like to ask you to actually pay attention when reviewing themes.

Whether or not the images come with a red line make a significant difference to the overall look of the theme. Theres also more modifications to both the footer and the header image to make it not a duplicate but a variation. Infact I could argue that its a bigger variation and a longer creative process than all these themes that exist in 5 different colors but with the exact same images, because theres an actual change in geometry.

I am not even making this up, these are linked on the page for my existing theme). if 5 tigers are ok, mine should be too

Someone literally requested a version without the red line because that was the deal breaker whether or not hes downloading it for him.

Long story short: You’ve been wrong! Go fix it now!

(❤️) #35

Hi Mono,
in the first instance, there is an attempt to discourage the insertion of themes too similar, even though they are not exactly duplicates and at the same time encourage the use of the edit function which is often ignored.
However, in the description the author can justify own needs helping so the reviewer work, I apologize if you did it and I have not noticed. Please submit it again for approval.

(Zaleksukr) #36 this theme is exact copy of mine

(Ma Donnas Personas) #37

My original:
Someone notified me of the copies below.

Exact copy:
Copy using my design:

(Robnurflugel) #38

Perhaps we can put in a ‘be nice to reviewers’ comment. The reviewers are people, not machines. Aggression and rude tone does not help get problems solved. Not pointing fingers, but if the shoe fits…

(Ma Donnas Personas) #39

Duplicate of mine:

Duplicate of mine:

(Ma Donnas Personas) #40

Would it be possible to check this forum more often? I figued it was better to post it here than notify the “designer” but they don’t seem to get removed.

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Thanks for tagging me in your last comment, MaDonna. I thought I set this thread to “Watching”, but I was wrong! Unless a theme is an exact duplicate, we tend not to remove them. So if there are a group of themes with the same image but different colored banners on top, we’d leave them be. The color block themes are so prolific it would be hard to get them all, so I wouldn’t bother. And yes, please be nice to the reviewers–they are here as volunteers for the community’s benefit.

(amyt) #42

Sorry, can you clarify which one is the duplicate?

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