Reps Budget Allocation for Q3/Q4

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Hello Reps,


As the first half part of the year, in order to emphasise more on the initiatives that are priorities for Mozilla and in order to align with the Open innovation goals, the Council has decided to allocate the 3rd and 4th quarterly (Q3 and Q4) budget based on 3 different groups we identified. However, the Council has noticed that during the first half of the year, Reps haven’t used a lot of the community building budget. For that reason, the Council has decided to allocate a bigger portion to Groups 1 and 3 respectively. You can find the budget allocation here (for Q4 we will use the same allocation).

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Budget has been a crucial and essential tool for the Reps program. With that resource Reps are able to facilitate activities that bring impact to their local communities as well to Mozilla. However, our budget is not unlimited. For that reason, the Reps Council decided to divide the program’s budget into groups based on the program’s priorities. Based on the data so far, those groups seem to work effectively mapping the Reps’ priorities and also acting as guides for the Reps . However, we have noticed that there is bigger request for events in the Activate group and in the Other group. For that reason, we’ve decided to minimize the community health group to 5% and increase the Activate to 75% and the Other to 20%. That way our allocation will map better Reps’ interests and while still giving space for community health events.


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On behalf of the Reps Council,