Reps call / Reps program

Dear Council,

How are you doing?
I was wondering what is happening with the reps program, where are you working on? Since we don’t have a reps call anymore we don’t here anything.
Yes we are ask to participate with some foxfooding and other campaigns but this is a ask to whole the community. Yes there are the community calls (witch are good) but they are for the whole community.
I personally i don’t see any value anymore to be a Rep, all the information we get is given to the whole (NDA) community. Don’t get me wrong it is a good thing to share it to the greater community but where are we standing in this.

i hope i get a answer and that other reps also participate in this discussion to make the program great again.

Tim Maks


Hi Tim,

Thanks for reaching out. The Reps Council is working on a survey to understand what the Reps are doing, and they wish to do. We will send it out soon.

Once we have that data, we can set up another Reps call to understand what we should focus on going forward.

I am also happy to hear your ideas about what kind of activities we should support.

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I agree with Tim, this probably is based on the fact that there aren’t anymore interesting campaigns or things to promote like in the past.

Also is not clear anymore Common Voice as deepspeech seems abandoned since the development is stopped since 2021.

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What is unclear about Common Voice? The project is still running and Deepspeech has been turned to

I think the Reps program is still valuable for organizing events (like Fosdem) and giving community members information to share on their socials…
What has gone out of sight is the possibility to receive swag or reimbursements for certain expenses.

DeepSpeech now is not more developed by Mozilla by a startup with various ex-Mozilla employees. Common Voice started together with DeepSpeech, all the presentation and promotional stuff was made together.
CV was first step to promote DS, without this step it is different why people should contribute to the project.

Are we still organizing events? Because Reps it wasn’t just events but also community management and there aren’t anymore Mozilla projects to push forward. Events was just one of the thing of the program that teach to you how to be a leader for your community, not just someone that asks for gadget.