Reps Council Elections Fall 2019 - Town Hall 1

The first of two Reps Council Elections Town Halls is coming up tomorrow, Tuesday, October 1st 2019. We will meet at 15:00 UTC.

We are currently still verifying eligibility for all nominees, but we invite all current nominees to the Town Hall in case we are not finished by the time the Town Hall starts.

Please attend, and ask your questions. We will have some prepared questions, but we will give time to questions you all have before we fall back to prepared ones.

Air Mozilla:
Agenda and Notes:
Reps Event:

See you soon!


Thanks everyone for joining today’s Town Hall. Here are the notes, the other candidates will have the opportunity to answer those questions as well in Thursday’s Town Hall. If there shouldn’t be enough time for all of these, answering on Discourse will be possible as well.


  • Konstantina
  • Tim Maks
  • Michael Kohler
  • Takeshi Hamasaki
  • Vishal Chavan
  • Md Shahbaz Alam
  • Pranshu Khanna

General Elections Intro - Michael

  • 8 nominees, 5 candidates
  • 2nd Town Hall on Thursday at 19:00 UTC
  • Questions on Discourse - until October 6th
  • Voting starts on October 7th
  • Voting closes on October 14th

Full timeline on

Quick round of introductions by the nominees (30 seconds each)

  • Shahbaz

Questions for the nominees

Please note that these are not transcripts but paraphrased notes.

  • If selected for the council, what do you think your first task would be?

    • Shabaz: give more opportunity to the people, bring Mission Driven Mozillians in and guide them to be active, to report regularly, host regularly meetups, more and more Mozillian can become Reps.
  • What do you think Reps can do to surface amazing contributions from Mission Driven Mozillians?

    • Shabaz: more campaigns towards Activate, guide them, regular monthly calls helping them with resources to be active leaders
  • What are your thoughts about reactivating people to Reps?

    • Shabaz: Not all mentors are nominating for RoM, and Reps do not get full visibility; mentors can host monthtly calls to help and collaborate
  • Should we change the onboarding criteria?

    • Shabaz: we should add stuff; add a video call with the person to get more inforamtion
  • Do you see Communication as an issue in the Community today? If yes, how do you plan to streamline it?

    • Shabaz: yes, I am hoping the newsletter and the new platform coming up will bridge the gap between reps and mozillians. I also love to continue the mozillagram intiatitve
  • How do you want to reactivate inactive mentors, how will you support them in their task?

    • Shabaz: having a call with all the mentors and checking what are their problems and what are the problems they are facing
  • Do you see the current Contribution Channels as dormant? Should there be more opportunities to Contribute for Mozillians/Reps?

    • Shabaz: [answered but we were too slow to put notes on it]
  • What do you think the Community needs today? New Leaders from within the Community or onboarding new Mozillians?

    • Shabaz: we definitely need both, from MDM we can onboard to the Reps program, as they have already existing knowledge about Mozilla; we can also attract from other open source communities
  • A conern from a Community member the other day was, “I don’t feel like joining the Reps Program because of the highly inactive current members and misuse of resources, I don’t feel included or privileged to be a part of the Reps right now!” What do you plan to do about that?

    • Shabaz: Mission is important, not person. Many things happend in 6 years since I joined to Mozilla activity, there were dispute, too. If we believe in Mozilla mission, we can go for it.
  • What is missing for Mission Driven Mozillians in the Reps program?

    • Shabaz: Reps are decreasing, encouraging Mozillians to be active and helping to run Activate campaigns;
  • Why should a Mozillian be a Rep?

    • Shabaz: To gather diversity, passionate people.
  • What according to you is the best thing about this Global Community?

    • Shabaz: people being different, same mindset and same passion though

See you on Thursday in the second Town Hall!