Reps Form Experiment


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Hello Hello, people!

Reps Council members are looking for improving more the Reps program and getting more reps and contributors for Mozilla.
:game_die: Here some help :game_die:

Being a Reps member means, you are a volunteer who has been identified inside the community as an expert (functional area expert) or you are identified as expected based on your role of coordinating supporting and expanding your local community or other community. If you feel you are in this circle you are eligible to apply for Reps and be part of the program. What the program will give you support and guidance all the time you are doing activities - (e.g: from my experience, it’s more gaining personal skills and communication skills) - Before you start looking at the Form and fill it. We Would help you here with some questions:

  1. Are you able to find a connection for other people with Mozilla project they are contributing to?
  2. Do you want to be part or develop a community by your own on a functional/local level?

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Our goal is the improve the Form in a way the candidate is aware of the responsibility he/she applying for and align people with Community Coordinator Role and Mission-Driven Mozillian.

We are also looking for Feedback from you about the form or about the program itself, by answering those questions:

  1. What Do you think is missing in the Reps program?

  2. What you are expecting as support and guidance from the Reps program?

  3. Is the new Form giving a clear idea what is the responsibility of a Reps?

  4. Are the question enough to evaluate the candidate can be part of the program or not?

  5. Do you have any other suggestions?

You can reply on this question to Reps Council directly ( or in the post here. :point_down:

Reps council wish you a lovely Holidays and happy new year :christmas_tree: :star2: :snowflake: :gift: :santa: :deer: :tada:

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