Reps portal add metric

hi, reps, who can update it by Thimble .


Appmaker doesn’t exist anymore indeed. Nevertheless I think we should take this opportunity to have a discussion on possible metrics.

  • What is not descriptive enough to have as a metric?
  • What metrics are missing?

Then we could update everything in one go.


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+1 for Michael’s proposal .

I would add some more specific ones for QA - bugs triaged/bugs verified. cc @hossainalikram

I think the admins can change them ( cc @akatsoulas)

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I think we modify for

  1. remix thimble
  2. new projects thimble

they think ?

Thanks @Ioana for chiming in and tagging me!

It’s great to joining in a discussion to create metrics as earlier it was not possible to show metrics in the portal. It will be great, if this metrics can be added:

*Number of Bugs Triaged
*Number of Bugs filled
*Number of One and Done Task Completed
*Number of Moztrap Testcase tested
*Number of feature tested
*QA Contributors Recruited

@Ioana, did I miss anything?

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This already sounds great, can we also open this up to come up with missing “Report” opportunities? We had a thread some time ago, but that died.

I’m Mohammed EL-barbeer , Mozilla Rep - Egypt .
From my activities : i did some Social Media Activities through Facebook , Twitter , … etc like share posts and news and other information about Mozilla . We have fans the follow us .

Actual results:

How to add this activity in my reports ?!
I did the these activities but how to report about them !!!

Expected results:

In my opinion , there should be category or activity like Social media activities .