Reps portal (EVENTS) API imporvement? Maybe!

Few days ago I learned that there is no way to fetch “current & future” events from the Reps API of a particular region. I would like to fetch information of upcoming events. All though it’s not entirely impossible to perform that task but it’s real pain. So, do we’ve any plans about including the current & future events thingy into the API?

Uhm usually I use to get all the event but in that case there is no way to specify the date.

For we are currently using as a workaround. This involves parsing the iCal though…

I would suggest filing a bug at Reps& for your requirement so it’s tracked in the bug tracker.

We can reserve engineer the current & future events but it isn’t perfect & requires a bit maintenance. I actually wrote a small script to perform the task I want but it’s much more complicated then it should be. I think there should be a easy way to fetch the upcoming events since new comer don’t know about the reps portal & where to look for. They usually first look at regional community websites for events.

@mkohler nice suggestion. I would file a bug after having a chat with the remo-dev team.

Filled a sweet bug for this one. Hopefully it’ll be resolved pretty soon :slight_smile: