Reps Portal Release Notes - 2018-07-17

Hi everyone

We’ve just released a new version of the Reps Portal. The following issues have been solved/implemented:

  • Bug 1455034 - Remove eMail addresses from public profiles and therefore remove full unmaintained Mailhide dependencies (was used to hide email addresses behind captcha) - @akatsoulas
  • Logo update and minor branding adjustments (white background, new favicon, black footer, updated Mozilla logo in footer, new default user avatars, always put footer at the bottom of the screen) - @mkohler
  • Bug 1470660 - Sort Mentor overview alphabetically - @mkohler
  • Bug 1468975 - Remove Timeline Events view to make Portal simpler - @mkohler
  • Bug 1468994 - Add ‘Country’ to ‘No mentor’ dashboard table - @mkohler
  • Bug 1458901 - Add hint about UTC in voting edit - @mkohler
  • Bug 1331260 - Correctly calculate ‘End date’ of break request - @mkohler
  • Use HTTPS for Reps Planet Link - @mkohler

Thanks for all the reviews and the deployment goes to @akatsoulas !

Feel free to reach out to me (or write here) if you have any questions. You can find all currently open Portal issues on Bugzilla.



The new Reps Logo looks great on the site!!


YaY!!! Working hard @mkohler keep up the good work :slight_smile: