Reps Portal Release Notes - 2019-03-27

Thanks to @akatsoulas we have a new deployment on the Reps Portal. The following issues have been solved/implemented:

  • Several dependency updates - @akatsoulas
  • Bug 1477499 - Do not default to Etherpad for Event Planning Pads (you can add any link to a planning pad in ‘Edit event’ or when creating it) - @mkohler
  • Bug 1483263 - Remove ‘Planning’ section on dashboard - @mkohler
  • Bug 1483261 - Show ‘Mentorship’ dashboard section to all Council members - @mkohler
  • Bug 1486449 - Allow all Council Members to invite Reps to the platform - @mkohler
  • PR - Make Reps Logo bigger and align it better - @mkohler
  • PR1/PR2 - Updated the frontpage slider images - @mkohler
  • PR - Updated text in the “Join” modal - @yofiesetiawan and the rest of the Council
  • PR - Add Voting, Stats and KPI navigations items - @mkohler
  • PR - Add lists of inactive Reps > 12months, > 8 weeks to administartive dashboard (Council only) - @mkohler
  • PR - Fix pep warnings - @mkohler
  • PR - More pep fixes - @tasos
  • PR - Follow up fix for dashboard after deployment to staging - @tasos

Feel free to reach out to me (or write here) if you have any questions. You can find all currently open Portal issues on Bugzilla.



So much goodness. Thanks a lot, @mkohler @yofiesetiawan and @akatsoulas!

Finally after a lot of months!

Well done @mkohler @yofiesetiawan and @akatsoulas !!!

Finally, thank you very much!

This is an awesome achievement. Weldone guys.

I suggest to use HackMD as replacement of Hackpad

Hi Sammy,

do you perhaps wanted to refer to Etherpad when you said Hackpad?

yes, Etherpad (not Hackpad, Sorry)

There is another thread for that discussion EtherPad alternatives