Reps Portal Release Notes - 2019-10-18

Thanks to @akatsoulas we have a new deployment on the Reps Portal. The following issues have been solved/implemented:

  • PR - Updated the Reps description on the front page
  • Bug - Fixed contrast issues as well as some other design improvements
  • PR - Do not show ‘Voting’ menu in navigation for Mozillians (only for Reps)
  • Bug - Show ‘Top Countries’ in KPI view
  • Bug - Combined Stats and KPI into one single page and expose it through navigation
  • Bug - Removed IE8 support

Note: there is something wrong with the “Top Countries” view, I think it also counts Alumni. I will have a look at that soon.


@mkohler, thanks for your commitment to the Reps Portal. Onwards!

In the KPI:
Can you please share how a Rep would be labeled Core, Active, Casual and Inactive.

It is based on activity, like a report every 3 months, every 6 weeks, every months and so on.
So most frequent are the reports is more active.


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