Reps Program OKRs (goals) Q4 2016

With “RepsNext” we increased alignment between the Reps program and the Participation team. The main outcome is setting quarterly Objectives and Key Results together. This enables all Reps to see which contributions have a direct link to the Participation team . Of course, Reps are welcome to keep doing amazing work in other areas.

Objective 1: A focus set of relevant training and learning opportunities for Reps are systematized and they regularly access these opportunities to be more effective in their contributions and as a result providing more impact to Mozilla’s main initiatives.

  • Key Result 1: Core mobilizers who took the leadership training report being more effective to support Mozilla by actively using their new skills.
  • Key Result 2: Mobilizers from at least 90% of our (10) regions are interested in the training
  • Key Result 3: 80% of the people who took coaching training report having used these new skills in their volunteer work and report being more effective
  • Key Result 4: Gatherings toolkit quality is enough for volunteers to drive impactful gatherings on their own.

Objective 2: Reps is the program for most core volunteers where many communities feel their voice represented and influencing the organization, and where mozillians join to be more aligned, grow their skills and be more impactful in mobilizing others.

  • Key Result 1: Communities are making Activate Mozilla successful by running 100 activities.
  • Key Result 2: 30% more effectiveness (time and positive sentiment) on budget process
  • Key Result 3: Initial material for Reps Resources track foundation is created.
  • Key Result 4: Plan for integrating all efforts (Leadership, Coaching, Regional, Resources) into Reps structure delivered.
  • Key Result 5: There is an implementation plan in place to decrease the time between an application and the onboarding by at least 50% compared to H1 2016.
  • Key Result 6: We have at least 3 different solid ideas around Recognition in place and started at least one experiment.

Which of the above objectives are you most interested in? What key result would you like to hear more about? What do you find intriguing? Which thoughts cross your mind upon reading this?


Nice one. Is there a Github issue I could subscribe to?

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