Reps Weekly Call 23/01/2020

Hello everyone,

Let’s come together in another Reps call at 16:00 UTC today to hear more updates from the Reps program.

Airmo video:

Etherpad link:

Zoom ID:

Reps page:


  • TOPIC 1: Lucy is going to speak about the Community Portal

See you all soon!

PS: As always we encourage you to add some shout outs! We have amazing reps doing amazing work! Let’s send them some #mozlove!

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Thanks for the invitation but again this should be called ASIA Reps call or something along those lines, because for us western based Reps it is impossible to assist this type of calls being held during working hours here in Latam for example.

Not the first time I mention this, either way, have been ignored every time.


Right now we are discussing this issue here:

I’ve added a document with some information about my initial findings and some options that may work, but as always we need more input, feedback and suggestions from the community. Feel free to take a look at the document and add your comments :slight_smile:

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your concern is not ignored, 1 year ago there was a pilot to have a call in your timezone, [Host needed] Reps call pilot for Latin America timezone. i don’t exactly know why it did not work, i suggest you ask it in the post about that call
Tim Maks

Like you said it is not even a year ago it has been way more than that, Communities in Latam have been left aside for quite some time now. Mozilla staff should take host the calls no? All words said have made no difference, actions are needed…

I completely agree with Dave! 16 hs UTC maybe good for some parts of Europe and Asia, but completely impossible for LATAM and surely lots of other countries as well??