Request for Add On type

Dear Mozilla,

I apologise ahead of time if I have not found the correct location for this request.

I am trying to find the place you go to request a developer make a specific extension / add on.

I wish to find a Filter or plug-in or extension that can block out entirely, all images and text of anything whatsoever to do with Meghan Markel and/or Prince Harry Sussex.

I am sick to death of being flooded with tripe about their lives - daily.

I have searched the extensions site for Firefox extensions for my specific case.

I have found an extension called “Advanced Profanity Filter” and have been able to tailor the word list to knock out the vast majority of text about either of these two subjects however not 100% and their images always appear.

I have been using Firefox for many many years but I also found that Google Chrome can knock out most of what I want via the K-Block extension of Kim Kardashian which I was able to also use to knock out anything about Trump !!, however I don’t want to use Chrome - Firefox is the browser I prefer hands down.

Is there a place I can go to post a request, to developers of extensions about if this can happen ?

Here in New Zealand, there was an advertising company that partnered with local Maori active groups to replace anything about the UK Royal family with stories about Maoris, so I assume it is possible to be able to get rid of Markle and Sussex fully form appearing in Firefox.

Are you able to help please

Thanks in advance

David Whyte

Wellington NZ