Request for Add-ons web page redesign / update, please


I have used Firefox and Thunderbird for many years and for the most part have been happy with them.

The one thing that I have always been unhappy with is the Add-ons pages (Extensions mainly).

I’d like to suggest that a way be found to be able to show only the extensions that will work for your particular version… it gets frustrating to have to look through pages and pages to see which ones are not grayed-out and may actually work. This takes more time than necessary.

If you could add drop-down options where a visitor could chose what main version they are using, and then only show compatible extensions for that version, that would be great.

Thank you.

Which page are you referring to? Are you using an up to date version of Firefox?

Hi jorgev and thank you for the reply.

I’m referring to the Add-ins (Extensions) page, whether viewed in Firefox or Thunderbird.

When I go there to look for extensions, there is no easy way to limit my searches (at least that I have found) to just the version of FF or TB that I am using.

I know that if I go there in either FF or Tb it will sense what version I am using and only allow me to install the extensions that are compatible with that version. However, it still shows all other versions grayed out, instead of not showing them at all.

What I’d like to see on the Extensions page is a way to select, using a drop-down box, what specific version of either FF or TB a user is using so that they can see only the compatible extensions listed, instead of seeing a complete list with many, many grayed out.

Let me try to get some screen shots so I can better explain what I am asking for. I will reply again by tomorrow.

Thanks again for the reply, and have a great evening.

AMO shouldn’t display incompatible results in most pages, which is why it’d be useful to know which URLs you’re visiting, and which version of the browser you’re using.

Hi jorgev… again, sorry for the delay in replying. Been very busy lately with work and family.

Ok, this is what is happening and I have a link to a google photo album (at the end) to show screen captures of the screens so you can see what I am talking about. The pictures seem to be in the correct order, but the descriptions should be clear enough if not.

Picture 1: shows the version of ThunderBird (Beta)

Picture 2: shows the Add-ons Manager - Extensions list

Picture 3: shows the Add-ons Manager - Recommendations

Picture 4: shows the first part of the TBird Extensions / Add-ons list with 2 extensions ‘grayed out’

Picture 5: shows a longer view of the same screen showing more ‘grayed out’ extensions.

This is what I’m talking about. Nowhere on this screen does it give an option to filter by the specific version one is using. <<

Picture 6: shows a search for ‘manually’ which lists ‘manually sort folders’, the extension I was looking for.

Picture 7: shows the add-on page for Manually Sort Folders (which I clicked on in the drop-down list), which shows as not compatible.

(NOTE: When you are on the add-on pages, you cannot go BACK to a previous page… there are no arrows or options, and ALT-Left arrow doesn’t do anything. You have to exit from the list, which takes you back to the Add-ons Manager, then you can launch out to the Add-ons page again.)

Picture 8: shows the results list if I type ‘manually’ in the search box but click the green arrow to show all extensions with ‘manually’ in them. You now see the ‘Works with’ box on the left, which didn’t show up anywhere else. The list now only shows compatible extensions, of which Manually Sort Folders is not listed (as it should be).

I hope this makes more sense to you this way.

Thank you for your time and help.


Google photo album address:

https ://

(please remove the space between the https and the : )

Your screenshots show that Featured Extensions and search suggestions are not automatically version-filtered on the Thunderbird Add-ons site.

The Thunderbird Add-ons site is using the older AMO design. However, the current AMO design also does not hide individual Recommended Extensions or search suggestions when the user is visiting with an incompatible version of Firefox. (Should it??)

I tested using Firefox 52 ESR:

Recommended Extensions:

Search Suggestions:

Hi All…

Apparently my original post and replies weren’t stated with correct information and I apologize: the issue I am having is in Thunderbird.

When I go to TB Add-ons and browse the Add-ons pages (in TBird), the screen shots show what I see. This is what I am asking to be fixed / upgraded / whatever.

I don’t want to have to scroll through hundreds of non-compatible extensions just to see the ones that are compatible with the version I currently am using (TBird Beta 69.0b2 (32-bit) ).

I have looked in Firefox at the same ones but I understand that it can’t tell me what version of TB I am using if I am using FF.

However, when browsing FF add-ons, it still doesn’t give you any options for ‘version’ so am I to understand that it will only show ‘compatible’ add-ons?

Also (for FF) I want to be able to just ‘browse’ all extensions and not have to choose ‘categories’ or ‘recommended / top rated / trending’. Basically the same as the TB ‘pages’ instead of what it is now. At least add a ‘Name’ option to be able to see all add-ons?

The original post was intended to be about TB so again, I apologize for being vague.

Thank you.


I appreciate you testing this in FF, I wasn’t sure whether it worked the same or not.

I posted in another message that I (screwed up :frowning: ) didn’t state correctly what I was using, so I apologize for that.

In TB, the add-ons page shows what my screen shots show, and that is the problem.

Again, thanks for your reply. Have a great day.


There’s actually a separate forum for Thunderbird. Maybe a moderator/admin can move this discussion over there (I don’t know whether the software allows that).

Thank you but that forum is for actually discussing add-ons themselves, not the web pages.

It’s still the most likely place to get an answer for this, so I’m moving the topic over there. This area is only for the Firefox Add-ons site.

Ok, thank you. Have a great day.