Request for Firefox-HNS Integration

When Mozilla is ready to integrate HNS names, here’s a Firefox implementation for iOS: Handshake (HNS) aims to decentralize the DNS root zone, which makes it possible to have a decentralized, open web.

As can be seen, Handshake has previously donated ( to the Mozilla Foundation. Currently, Mozilla can claim .mozilla and 609,458 HNS (, which is currently worth around $80,000.

Here are the main steps on claiming .mozilla for an administrator of mozilla(dot)com:

  1. Download Bob Wallet ( - self-custody wallet with a full node
  2. Enable DNSSEC for mozilla(dot)com (add a DS record)
  3. Search .mozilla in Bob Wallet and select the claim name button
  4. Copy the TXT record and add to mozilla(dot)com’s DNS records
  5. Claim .mozilla! 609,458 HNS will be released to the wallet around 30 days later.
    Here are some HNS developer resources ( that can provide context as well.