[Request] Regex based URL redirector

I have used an addon called redirector https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/redirector/ ) for age to redirect URL from 3rd party program (generally convert URL to a TVnews or manga website to a google search page) and since the last update of firefox android, i have lost it.

I can’t reinstall it from the addon page nor from the xpi.

Is there a workaround to install it or any other addon with the same options?

Thanks in advance

Nobody have a solution?

If you install Firefox for Android “Nightly” version for developers, you will be able to install any addons.
Official article on how to do it is here:

This is how I use unsupported addons on my phone.

Thanks for the advice

I have installed the nightly version and created a collection but i have this after restart of firefox…

Is that a list of available addons?
Make sure the collection name is a single word without spaces, I think that can cause this problem.

That’s the first thing i have done but no change…

Nothing work… i can’t use redirector anymore. Is there any other method or does i must downgrade ff to a more satisfactory version?