Request to add Vimium by Phil Crosby to Android enabled extensions

Please how can we and a Vim extension to those available for Android? I would put forward Vimium by Phil Crosby. It’s the best one out there and by far my most used one. At least if you could enable it for the Firefox nightly and beta apps, since it’s really for developers anyway, that would do the job.

If there are certain requirements for mobile friendliness, I will be happy to create an issue in the GitHub for Philc. If it’s not resolved I can create one and add the modifications myself.

Although it pains me to say this, there are abundant alternatives. That being said, the “Vimium C” one might be Chinese, and for that reason I would stay away from that one.

As an aside, is there an update on opening up all of them for Android? Or perhaps for beta / nightly? I’d really appreciate a browser that does this besides Kiwi or more malicious looking ones.

"In August we encouraged developers to start preparing their desktop extensions for Firefox Android open availability on (AMO). The project is progressing well and we’re on track to launch the open mobile ecosystem on AMO in December. We have more infrastructure development and testing to complete in the coming weeks, but as we move toward release we’ll keep you informed of the project’s status right here on this blog, add-ons forums, and social channels

To help our developer community prepare for Firefox Android open extension availability on AMO — and to ensure Firefox Android users have an exciting selection of extensions to choose from — we’ve compiled a list of popular desktop extensions (with mobile API compatibility) we’re inviting the add-ons community to help test on Firefox Android. If you’re intrigued to try some new extensions on your Firefox Android phone and offer feedback, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

How to test Firefox Android extensions (Beta, Nightly)

Test extensions are only currently discoverable on AMO via 119 Beta and 120 Nightly versions of Firefox Android. If you’re not already on Beta or Nightly, please follow these links for installing Firefox Android Beta and Nightly."


Hello @trustdan. The extension developer would have to submit an Android compatible version of their extension - this is not something we control on our side.

Thank you – Ed