[Request]Tool to save actual webpagecontent to disk automatically

(Helmut Auer) #1

I want to monitor a Web application. Therefore I’d like to dump the html webcontent permanently to disk, e.g. after each change, for a later inspection.
Is something like that already possible or can you give me some hints how I can realize that ?
I know I can do that manually by ctrl+s but manually is not an option.
P.S: Maybe the following would be possible:
While using the webapplication, save the current html output whenever a mouse button is clicke, e.g. as /tmp/webpage.html.timestamp and then process the mouseclick

(J. Ryan Stinnett) #2

We’re thinking about ideas like this, but I’d like to know a bit more about your goals here.

You’d like to save the page’s current state, so that you can open that state again at a later time? Do you just want to view this page snapshot it the browser at some future time? Or do you also need to open source files in an external program?

Do you want to share these snapshots with other people? Or are you just trying to track changes locally?