Reserve the dates - Council Elections Autumn 2018 - Town Halls

(Michael Kohler) #1

Hi Reps

As the next elections are almost around the corner and the process will start towards the end of September, we’d like to share a “new” concept with you. We’ve decided to hold Town Hall Calls for all Council candidates again! We’ve done this about 3 years ago the last time, now it’s time to do it again. The Town Halls will provide an opportunity for all Reps to ask questions to the nominees to get informed about the candidates. This will be in addition to the Discourse questions. At the beginning of the call the Peers will share general information regarding the Elections.

To accomodate most of timezones, we will hold two Town Halls:

  • October 2nd, 2018: 14:00 UTC in the Reps Vidyo Channel and Air Mozilla
  • October 4th, 2018: 18:00 UTC in the Reps Vidyo Channel and Air Mozilla (instead of the Reps call)

Details and invitations for the Town Halls will follow shortly before they happen. If you plan to run for the Reps Council, please already mark at least one of these dates in your calendars. The same of course goes for attending at least one of those to be able to ask questions to the candidates!

The final timeline for the next election will be sent out around September 20th. Stay tuned! You can follow the process on the GitHub issue:



on behalf of the Reps Module Owner & Peers

Mozilla Reps Newsletter - September 2018
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Here are the Reps Events for it:

You can use the Calendar feature on the top right to add it to your calendars! :slight_smile: