Reset password

How to reset password in sentence-collector? there is no any links or instructions there. Can’t login :slight_smile:

That feature hasn’t been implemented, because the current login system is so simple that you don’t even have an email associated.

Currently we haven’t prioritized any work into improving that, since the only active volunteer developer has been focusing on improving the validation and filtering rules.

Long term idea was to try to merge it with the main tool, but that work is not currently a priority or we have time to focus on that.

To expand on this: there is only so much we can do with the current backend we’re using. I fully agree that integrating into the main tool is the way forward here and am planning to write up a proposal in the coming weeks or so. For now there is indeed no way to reset the password.

I will wait for progress of integrating, but for now i will create a new account in the sentence-collector.