Resizing panes in the three-panel Inspector is a bit painful

(Florens) #1

The three-panel Inspector shipped in Nightly. One can now detach the “Rules” tab into its own (center) panel.

My main issue with this is that it often makes the Element tree panel too narrow. So I drag the border between the first and second panels a bit further to the right. But now my “Rules” panel is too small. So I have to drag the border between the second and third panels. This is a bit tedious.

Ideally I would be more comfortable with an implement where there are One-Plus-Two panels. Schematically:

  <Elements />
    <Rules />
    <Tabs />

And widths expressed in percentages:

  1. Percentage width of the “Elements” panel (e.g. 50% by default in 2 panel mode, maybe 38% or 40% in 3 panel mode).
  2. Percentage width of the “Rules” panel in the “NotElements” column (by default, 50%).

That means when you drag the first border, it changes #1 and both panels 2 and 3 shrink or expand. When you drag the second border, it changes #2.

What’s your experience? Do you agree, or maybe the current behavior works best for you?