[RESOLVED] Block URL does not block URL

:bulb: known bug

It seems that “Block URL” in the devtools does not block URL.

I setup a small app as a demo with further explanation https://stackblitz.com/edit/express-simple-xp6k8h

Note: Stackblitz (the platform that hosts the demo) install a service worker, but even with no service worker, the actual behavior is the same


  1. Open the devtools
  2. Block the URL /foo from the network tab
  3. Refresh the preview pane
  4. See the server’s logs

Expected result

When URL is blocked in the devtools, no server logs should be displayed.

Actual result

When URL is blocked in the devtools, server logs are displayed.


Thanks for posting, this is a known bug, tracked at https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1756770

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Thank you @jdescottes for the link!
I have updated the post.