Resources for Maker Party 2016

This topic is in order to provide resources for Maker Party 2016:

Note: This year Maker Party has a specific focus in the European Union (EU), because of our copyright reform campaign. Therefore, by default, we will not be funding Maker Party events outside the EU that run the prescribed activities because they don’t make sense outside the context of the campaign. However, if you are outside the EU and have an exceptional idea on how to build on or amplify those activities, and it requires budget, you can open a budget request and the Review Team will evaluate.

Of course anyone is welcome to run a maker party in his/her region :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to list your event on the events site


Hello Konstantina,

I think it would be really cool add Maker Party as a campaign in Reps Portal - Add Report, it makes it easier to register our activities.

Geraldo Barros

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Great idea,
I will ask the council and we will add it :slight_smile:

Activity has been added as Copyright Maker Party

thanks again for the suggestion :slight_smile: