Responsive Design Mode -- Dropdown failure

(Markc) #1

Dropdowns do not appear to be working in RDM once a device is selected. The dropdowns work initially when going into RDM but as soon as a device such as Apple iPhone is selected, the options do not appear. It is as if the dropdown is frozen.

(Stephanie Hobson) #2

Hi :slight_smile:

When a device is selected this often enables touch event simulation (the small pointing hand should turn blue). When touch event simulation is active you will have to “tap” to get the menu to show (tap = click).

Not all devices enable touch simulation by default. If you pick a laptop out of the drop down hover should still work.

Does this look like the behaviour you are seeing? If I have guessed wrong about what is happening please let us know :slight_smile:


(Markc) #3

Hi Stephanie-

That’s it exactly. Thank you! That was a headscratcher.