Responsive Design View Zooming

Chrome dev tools implementation of zooming in responsive design mode is quite useful. It’s easier to jump to zoom sizes, it’s a bit easier to see at a glance what the current zoom size is and when the response design view is closed the page zoom returns to the original size.

Would this be useful for anyone else? If so, is it possible to implement something like this in Firefox?


This is THE ONLY feature missing from Firefox that keeps me coming back to Google Chrome. There is this 5 years old bug open, still waiting for response (last comment is from a year ago).

I love Firefox, is such an awesome browser and in my experience superior to Chrome in every aspect, except in this tiny little thing that makes it SO hard for me to do my work. As a laptop only user, keeping Developer Tools open and trying to debug for larger device screen sizes in Firefox feels like such a terrible user experience that sadly makes me go back every to Chrome every single time.

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