Restore History Broke

I don’t know what category this really goes under, I don’t understand the titles, but something crazy happened recently. When, I don’t know.

Frequently, I’ll use my Task Manager to abruptly stop Firefox because it’s taking up too much RAM these days and preventing other programs from running correctly. Typically 3 windows with multiple tabs in them. I do that so they all open when I restart FF.

This morning, I did that and when I opened up Firefox, only 2 windows opened instead of 3. When I look for that last window in history (Recently closed windows), it isn’t there. It always showed all the windows, even if they didn’t open at the same time when starting FF. I could click the history and open those windows. WHAT HAPPENED?

I checked all the help documents to ensure my settings didn’t change, or were changed by some update. I’m currently running 105.0.3 (64-bit), and it’s current. This is a disaster, because I can’t possibly remember all the tabs that were open in that window, and showing recent tabs doesn’t either.

God, tech support needs to come out from hiding. We need direct support instead of these Forums with people who don’t work for Mozilla. Please come back!

Oh, I followed instructions from this link: