Resume Video Playback

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Is there a chance that Firefox could be enabled to resume video playback from the last position ?
I mean in general and on all websites and for all videos ?
It is incredibly annoying to have to search through the whole video to find out where you left off the last time and that every single time you close the browser.
I dont know how much time the average user wastes every day finding out “mmhh where was i ?”. If you have a slow internet connection it can be so time consuming to wait for the video to buffer over and over again that users may choose to rather not even finish the video and having to skip the rest (an unknown share of the video) can be very frustrating cause for all you know you might miss out on smth great.
I have seen a few attempts to do that via add-on but so far they have all been rather pitiful. Even focused usually only at youtube they still dont work properly even on that one single website. It seems that this cant be solved per add-on and it does in fact remind me of the “media.autoplay.enabled”-case where also a number of attempts were made to handle the problem via extension and it just didnt work. Until Mozilla stepped in and added the aforementioned about:config-key which solved the problem.

What do you think ?