Revert to old GUI

Probably somebody has asked this already, sorry for cross-posting.

Is there a way of reverting to the old GUI? This new one is a disaster. I want the old style of tabs, as well as the previous design of start page tiles.

Many thanks, hope this mess gets cleared as soon as possible.

Some preferences used during testing were left in, so for now, until those are removed, you can revert various aspects of the new design. These preferences start with browser.proton. and you access them in the manner described in the following support article:

In the long run, there may be some tweaks to the design, yet to be determined, and of course there’s the community-supported workaround of restyling your UI with custom style rules in a userChrome.css file. If that’s a new topic for you, I have a site on that:

I dont think you understand mr Jscher. I want the ENTIRE old GUI reverted, not just some selected preferences. And i will not go search for some obscure proton settings to minimize the damage of the new GUI, only to see the Mozilla team force me to use the new design in another update in a month or so.

I want the ENTIRE old GUI back. I want the lines between tabs. I don’t want the current tab to be floating in mid-air. I want back the previous design of speaker on/off to see which tab has audio running. I want the tabs to be wider as in the older GUI version. I want the old circular download icon back. And I want the old style of home page tiles back, with the APIs displayed instead of these current logos.

Is that too much to ask???

Add-ons cannot do any of that, but there are similar requests for changes to Firefox on this board:

If you change your mind about looking for temporary preferences, look for these:

  • browser.proton.enabled (tabs bar design)
  • browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.newNewtabExperience.enabled (new tab page layout)