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(Ma Donnas Personas) #1

I copied and pasted a comment from a reviewer/user that someone could comment on?

"Mozilla: another reviewer made a relevant statement. You have really streamlined the header (thank you!), but we only see a small strip of these beautiful themes. Would it be possible to add levels of transparency so that on certain pages (New Tab is all I can think of right now) we could use the entire theme as a background? As a person with chronic migraines, I try to avoid large blocks of stark white and beautiful themes like this one would be better as a background than a muted, solid color.

(Philip) #2

Great question! We don’t offer that functionality, but some Mozillians are working on a new theming extension experiment that will allow for very granular control. Look for it in early 2018.

(Philip) #3

Oh, and here is a link to the Github project: