Reviews issue

(Mojtaba Daneshi) #1

Hi Admins,
When I report a review, It changed to flagged not it not save its status and I again report it, There is a proglem is UI.
Please keep looking to flagged reviews, I see many spams and many fakes in reviews section.
Thank you.

(jscher2000) #2

I think this was mentioned in a different thread, that the “flagged” indication only stays on the page until you reload it.

(Jorge) #3

Yes, the moderation request was received. We just don’t keep track of that every time the page is visited.

(Mojtaba Daneshi) #4

It’s seems AMO have some issue is UI and Backend too,
For example:
1- I have one active addon and some disabled addons for years ago,but I can’t delete that adoons.Why I can’t?
2-My average developer rating is 4 star!May be my old and disabled addons had a rating?
My active addon rating is 4.7 that is 4 and 0.5 filled stars.But in my panel it show 5 filled stars.
Also stars don’t show in Google results yet.
I reported some reviews but still waiting for checking them.


(Jorge) #5

They were probably disabled by Mozilla, which makes them not deleteable.

Possibly, yeah. Please file an issue and we’ll look into that.

That’s being worked on right now.

(Mojtaba Daneshi) #6

Thank you for your responses,

My old addon used external js injection, so they are disabled by new policies.
Is that possible to remove them?


(Jorge) #7

Email the amo-admins list with the add-ons you want deleted. We’ll to that for you, assuming there’s no reason we need them to stay around.

(Mojtaba Daneshi) #8

Thanks, What is amo admins list email?

(Jorge) #9

amo-admins AT mozilla DOT org