Revive Session Manager : Version Stoped develpment in 2017-01-30

Hello every body , and great communty of firefox :slightly_smiling_face:
I am a user of the firefox browser since 12 years now, and love using it since i discoverd it, reather then ohters browser.
and sorry but i am not a programmer or a devalpoper of add-ons i am just normal user
but it have been 5 years now that i use am using fireforx 52.9ers
you can wonder why ? beacaus i use an old add-on where it devlpopment and updat stoped for the new firefox version Session Manager
i know that i cant help much but i am seeking a way a peronse who ever used Session Manager in the past and they know it great utilty to recover session in no time beacaus i tried every singel session add-on in this but no one of theme get the Session Manager utiity and simlicity of use
every thing can be found in the
website the code source the xpi file
i want to thnakthe devloper of the app beacaus i think that never shown up since the last updat
so pleas help revive this great add i want some help to contribut in this project i want to study java or any other method to reach this gol so pleas help me in this journy
and if you can have a chance to test this great ancient add-on you will not regret it
thank for your time :blush:

Session Manager used disk-based storage in transparent manner that isn’t possibly any more: user action is generally required to save to and read from disk since Firefox 57.

However, you should be able to find new extensions that use database file or bookmark-based storage. What have you found to be missing in your testing? These are the ones I’m aware of that you might investigate/try out:

Use database storage:

Use bookmark storage:

Bookmark storage is more robust in that Firefox backs it up regularly. However, having the extra data show up when you are searching your bookmarks may be annoying.

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