RFF: Allow the user to pick their own colors from a color picker for containers

Just as it says - allow us to pic k any color (or, optionally, enter RGB / HEX values directly for a particular color) instead of only using pre-defined colors.

Yeah doing this would be cool. Implementing this would be a bit of a trick, b/c we have style rules for each of the eight color values now that have to be explicitly declared in different places in code for the tab colors and the colors in the panel. Not sure off the top of my head if there’s a way around this easily, but I bet we could come up with something.

FWIW, there’s a relatively small long tail of people referencing more than 8 container types right now, so this may not be the highest priority issue out there. Nevertheless, i went ahead and filed an issue. Thanks for the suggestions: https://github.com/mozilla/testpilot-containers/issues/391

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Understandably. Containers is still not a perfect substitution for Tab Groups for me, in that it involves a bit more in terms of clicking on things to get to the container that I want, but the fact that containers operate independently of each other in terms of cookie storage is such a blessing that it makes up for the extra work :slight_smile:

At the very least, if the user could go to a resource and adjust the colors on their own, even if no more than 8 colors and images are not easily doable, that would be great.

I’ll post this over at GitHub as well.