Road Map Drafting

At the first Project Management meeting, @mrz walked me through how he likes to make road maps, and I think it’s pretty cool. We’ve started drafting a similar vision and roadmap for our team, and obviously need your input.

You can see our draft on Confluence here.

Vision, Mission and Strategy##

At the top of the page we have defined the overall vision, mission, and strategy for the team. @mrz, let me know if I haven’t defined these well! I think they’re easier to understand when looking at what we’ve selected for each of these boxes.

Vision: This is the change you want to see in the world.
Mission: This is what you want to accomplish towards achieving that vision
Strategy: Is how you are going to pursue your mission

##Road Map##

The road map should be organized into what we’re calling “Pillars.” These are themes or boxes that your activities can be isolated into. You can have a few, but in our case I think it makes sense to have a pillar for each isolated project we’re working on. Though you can see I’ve also included “Documentation” which reaches across projects.

This is very much in a brainstorming phase, and I could use your help coming up with ideas for more pillars, or ideas for things that would combine well into a single pillar.

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I’ve been thinking about this a lot, especially as I do a similar activity at work.

Pillars are really thematic to me and are a little inspirational/vision oriented. My core belief of what this group exists for is to empower the Community. Going back to 2011, the question I posed was:

“How can Mozilla IT impact the Mozilla Community?”

Today we do this mostly through hosting (discourse, Community Hosting) but I believe we should be more and do more.

We should not only Empower but lower the barrier. We should invent systems such that hosting/producing content is simple and doesn’t require technical expertise.

Think Github. Think Pingdom. Think Medium. Think Squarespace.

Those three examples built systems that others can use. They made the complicated not complicated. Those are Platforms-as-a-Service.

There’s also a participatory & teaching element to Community IT/Ops that @majken’s captured here:

  • Enabling participation in IT/Ops areas of Mozilla
  • Empowering learning through participation in these areas

Going back to this Roadmap, what are the themes we want to be known for in 2016?

  • Monitoring (Awareness): build tooling to monitor/alert existing infrastructure but also allow others to onboard their application/website to be monitored.
  • Automation: as a technical participatory route, automation brings in the best of “devops” and allows us to do more with less.
  • Empower the Community: which platforms should we focus on and do for real?
  • a Heroku-like platform?
  • Wordpress/blog platform?
  • Community Hosting?
  • Empower the Community (part 2): which existing Platforms do we continue to support and evolve?
  • Discourse
  • Jira/Confluence
  • Matrix?

Wanted to add one more thought:

Things in this Roadmap should be above and beyond our job.

There are things we do because that’s what we do (documentation). And then there are those things we do because we want to evolve and provide a better experience. There’s an essence of inspiration and vision in those.

What are those?