Rocket Chat

(Emma Irwin) #1


I have a proposal to our ‘Teaching & Training’ Community to use Rocket Chat
as a method for discussion that solves for the 'non technical’
contributor issues we researched. IT is open source, and according to
team, should be straight forward to install.

Would you be able to set up an instance for our soft launch next week? I am OK with it being a generic instance for now that the teaching community tests.



(Tanner Filip) #2

@yousef, this looks like it should be fairly easy to do. There’s an image on the Docker Hub, so we can probably set it up on Mesos.

Perhaps it’s something @logan would be willing to look into, to learn how to use our stack?

(John Giannelos) #3

I also did some research and the only issue might be the mongoDB dependency. Amazon AWS doesn’t provide a hosted mongoDB service and I am not really fond of the idea of community ops maintaining a mongoDB installation. One way to outsource this could be to use mlab.

Thoughts @tanner, @yousef ?

(Emma Irwin) #4

I should have mentioned, that we want to include Github integration to a Repo we still need to create (waiting on naming approval).

(Emma Irwin) #5

Is this still possible?

(Pierros Papadeas) #6

Totally fine to go with mlab. I think we should support this experiment. Would it be possible to make it a Community Ops experimentation?