Roll Call!

With the move to the new Discourse Category, let’s start over and introduce ourselves. This will also give us a chance to meet any new North America contributors that we may have collected on the way.

Tell us:

  • your name
  • where you are
  • what areas of Mozilla you’re involved with (eg Reps, QA),
  • and what you are doing/would like to do in your local community (eg run Firefox OS app days, host MozCoffees)

Hi all,

I’m Majken, but I go by Kensie because you can’t pronounce Majken -

My local community is Toronto, Canada.

I’m currently involved with Reps and Community IT/Ops, also check out the LangEx category here on Discourse.

I’d like to get something that feels like a community here in Toronto, rather than just a bunch of stuff that different people are doing. So I guess what I’d like to see is a communication channel that is used to discuss local contribution opportunities.

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  • Jeff Beatty
  • Orem, Utah
  • Reps (but taking a break), l10n, privacy
  • Primarily l10n hackathons, but also our own versions of MozCoffess called MozSamplers and privacy education activities.
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  • Benjamin Kerensa
  • Portland, OR and Pacific Northwest
  • Mozilla Reps (Mentor), PR Team/Trained Mozilla Spokesperson, Relman/Community Release Manager for Firefox ESR & Nightly, Thunderbird/Release Driver, Developer Engagement/Community Evangelist & Speaker
  • Public Speaking & Developer Evangelism (Hack Events, Linux Community Representation, Downstream Project Relations, Large Event Planning), MozCoffees, l10n/Privacy/Security Events, Bug Squash Days, Teaching Open Source (University Mentoring), Support Growing Diversity at Mozilla.
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I’m Tanner, I go by Tanner.

I currently live Cedar Rapids, but will be moving to Cedar Falls in August to attend UNI.

I’m mostly involved with Community Ops, doing backend work on the servers. I used to do a lot of SUMO, but not anymore.

I’d really like to build a community. So far I only know of one other Mozillian in Iowa, and he lives on the other side of the state. Hopefully moving to a college town will help with this!

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I’m Janet Swisher.

I live in Austin, Texas.

I work for Mozilla as the Community Manager for MDN. I’m also involved in Community Building/Community Development activities. In the past, I worked with Evangelism, when that was part of my group.

I would like to have MozCoffees for Mozillians in the Austin area. I have organized MozLunches in the past, but just haven’t had the energy to spare lately.

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Hello, I’m Helen.

I’m based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

I am a Rep, Webmaker mentor, and contributor for Hive Vancouver Learning Community.

We do local Hive/Maker educator meet-ups quarterly, which is kind of like MozCoffees (but with a more education/educator focus). Webmaker workshops for youths, libraries and local community events. In my day job I work in #edtech as an Instructional Designer so I am also contributing to Emma’s overall Mozilla community education project.


Hello, I’m Robby @rtsayles

I’m based in Chicago, IL (known as the “windy city”)

I am a Mentor Rep, Mozfest Volunteer Coordinator, Webmaker mentor and Social Media Moderator for Mozilla.

I would like to focus my attention on local mozcoffee and continue to help with local Hive Chicago community.

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I see a bunch of people have mentioned MozCoffees. You guys should check out, and comment on, this discussion -


Prashish Rajbhandari (@prashishh)
Currently based in Cincinnati, Ohio (this is going to change soon)
Mozilla Rep and interested in Community Building. (
I would like to focus more on community building in general.

Right now I’m trying to finish my graduate school - so not really active.

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Hi Helen,

Are you still contributing from Vancouver?
I need your help - Do you know any another contributors from Kamloops??

I am not as active now since I gave birth to my second child earliest last year, but I still have connections with the Vancouver Mozilla office staff and contributors. What in particular do you need help with? Keep in mind Kamloops is 4 hours away from Vancouver so I am not familiar with the Kamloops community. However, I am more than happy to help & share my experience.

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  • Alex Mayorga.
  • Austin, TX, US and Monterrey, NL, MX.
  • Currently: Reps, Tech Speakers, Nightly, l10n, Webcompat, QA, IoT. Formerly: MozFest Volunteer, Mexico Firefox OS launch team.
  • I’d like to get a MozCoffe and Firefox Clinic going.