Romanian language voice recording activation

Hello. The Romanian language has at the moment over 9k validated sentences. @mkohler, do you have a ETA for activation? Thank you.

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Once is merged and the next deployment to happens, Romanian will be contributable.

@mkohler thank you for activation. Still seems to be a problem:
I`m getting an error on (both Firefox and Chrome)

We’re sorry, but your platform is not currently supported.

On desktop computers, you can download the latest:

I am having the same problem this morning, it works after a reload, but this message comes again and again every fourth click or sol


Does it happen in other languages as well? (like English)


Jes, just tried the english page and it happened after the third reload.

According to @phire " It looks like the actual API call isn’t returning anything yet ". At first, there was a problem with English too, but it seems that was solved. Now, is not showing that error anymore, but the page is blank.

And that is because the sentences have not been deployed yet.

Yesterday, the Romanian language was on the " Launched " section, that`s why I thought is all set and ready.

Hey folks - Romanian did indeed get deployed yesterday, but our server hiccuped during the import process so the actual sentences haven’t made their way to the database to be read by the API yet. I triggered another manual import and am monitoring progress to make sure it goes smoothly, will report back with an update when I have more info. Thanks for flagging the issue @neckro!

Most of the site stability issues should also be resolved now, please do let me know if you continue to experience those error pages.


Hey folks, Romanian is now fully live and ready for recording! Thanks for your patience while we worked through this :pray:


After 356 recordings, 0 errors! Thank you very much @phire , @mkohler , @nukeador and @stergro !