Room creation + scene selection plan

To accommodate more scenes and the ability to create a room without a scene being selected up-front (for the discord bot) I propose the following changes:

  • Remove carousel from home page. Create room button now just drops you into a new room with the default scene (probably Wide Open Space, but we should maybe make something cooler, like a mozilla-themed construct space with help/demo videos/etc.)

  • Add an (i) button to the right of the room name that when clicked shows the scene info + attribution info.

  • Move the user count button to the top right corner

  • In the top left corner, add a gear icon (!)

  • Clicking the gear icon reveals a menu pop-down similar to the user list that has the following items:

    • Choose a scene
    • Room Settings
    • Preferences
    • Help
    • Controls
  • Clicking “Choose a Scene” will open up the scene picker overlay (as designed in the figma, with an option to pick a custom URL and a callout to Spoke.) Clicking a tile in the scene picker for a scene will show a modal with more detailed info and a “Choose scene” button. Clicking the choose scene button will replace the existing environment with the new scene (and force all users in the room to do so as well immediately.) On mobile VR we may prompt for a refresh.

  • There will be a tooltip prompt explaining that the gear icon lets you customize your room the first time you go to a room you own

  • Clicking “Room Settings” will (eventually) let you rename the room and set up permissions, etc.

  • Clicking “Preferences” will (eventually) let you customize locomotion, sound, and control options

  • “Help” will open a modal with an iframe of the help docs

  • “Controls” will open a modal with an iframe of the control docs