RSVP for Firefox 67 SUMO Sprint now!

Hi SUMO Community,

Firefox 67 is coming our way and will be launched soon on the 14th of May 2019. Now, if you’re excited for that, you can participate in the Firefox 67 SUMO Sprint and join us to celebrate together while also helping the Firefox users on this new release. Our sprint will start on 14th May and last until 28th May 2019 but you can start to book a spot from now!

You should find all the information you need to know about the sprint in our event page. Whether you’re passionate about social support or forum support (or maybe even both), this is a great chance to help thousands of users like you to browse the internet just a bit more safely. I will also add a video tutorial for those of you who might new to SUMO community. So please, stay tuned and fill out the RSVP to get the latest update about the sprint.

And as always, if you have any questions regarding the sprint, please reach out to me or Konstantina. We’ll be happy to address any questions you might have.

Kiki and Konstantina


Hey all,

After a busy weekend, the Firefox team decided to push the Firefox 67 release to 21st of May 2019. The change has been also reflected on the release wiki.

With that being said, we’re also gonna move the Firefox 67 SUMO Sprint. However, we’re currently still looking into dates. We’ll certainly let you know once we have more concrete updates to be shared.


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Hey all,

The Firefox 67 SUMO Sprint is starting today. We’ve made a short tutorial on how to participate in this sprint that you can check out here.

The Trello board is also ready, and you can get access here.

Happy sprinting! And please, let us know if you have any question about the sprint. :wink:


I would greatly appreciate some Spanish Twitter questions please!


Done! Now we have it here.

Great, thanks Rizki!