[RSVP on the Community Portal] Respond Tool Bugs Hunt Campaign

Hi folks,

The Respond Tool has been around since last year, and we would like to step up and make it become an official channel for the community of contributors. As you probably noticed, we published an article regarding guidelines and how to use the tool properly, back in March.

We aim to increase the user base of Mozilla mobile products and that’s why we are running this campaign, to find out mainly what works and does not work on the tool, filing bugs and raising questions .

The mobile user base that our browsers for Android have is really diverse and multilingual. Our aim is to extend support to all of the languages present in the tool, but focus mainly on English, German and Spanish for this campaign, because the volume of reviews in those languages is higher.

We are aware that there is much more than that and we are welcoming with open arms whoever else would like to join us in different languages, during this campaign or in the future.

The two main objectives of this campaign are:

  • Filing bugs about the tool on Bugzilla or on this thread,
  • Raising any recurring issues regarding the browser to my or Kiki’s attention.

Here you will find the event we opened on the Community Portal.

If you are participating in the Virtual All Hands , do not forget to join us during our demo session today at 2 pm UTC, or check the recordings on AirMO.

Thank you for your help and participation!

Giulia and Kiki


there is also the French langage who has a community to answer questions.



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Hi Chris,

yes, we surely know about it, in fact, for French it has been so good that we do not have so many reviews to answer!
Spanish and German are a little bit behind with the backlog, that’s why we are focusing on those languages.

Surely it would be great if the french community could dedicate time to this campaign as well!

Thank you so much for highlighting this,



thanks for the information
Yeah, we’re gonna compete for English