[RSVP open] Firefox 72 SUMO Sprint

Hi SUMO Community,

We are getting close to the Release day of Firefox 72 , and we are ready for another SUMO sprint from the 7th to the 21st of January !

If you have never participated in one of our Sprints, here’s a short tutorial video on how to get started on SUMO Sprint. As well, if you are new to the community, this is the best way to make a debut contribution.

Whether you’re passionate about Social or Forum contributors (or maybe even both), this is a great chance to help thousands of users like you to browse the internet just a bit more safely.

For everyone interested to help us grow the community in their area, there is the possibility to organize an event by contacting one of your local Reps and following the guidelines to have it partially funded by Mozilla.

You will find all the information about the Sprint in our event page , and do not forget to let us know if you will participate by filling out the RSVP to get the latest updates!

If you have any questions about the Sprint, you can reach out to me or Kiki.

Have a great one!