RT News add-on

Why is the RT News add-on blocked? There does not appear to be any security issue with it.


The Chrome version is also gone…


404. That’s an error.
The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know.

Very mysterious!

(lol @ “that’s all we know”)

Is censure?
I’m shocked that Mozilla did such a thing.

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What was the add-on for? You can go to the RT website directly.

Not in Germany.

When I go to their .com website, all I get is “server not found”.
Their Youtube channel only shows the message “this channel is not available in your country”.
And the cable TV channel has been shut down.

I had the RT News Feed add-on in my Firefox browser and last night I noticed that it was gone. Just disappeared. WTF?!? Is this Mozilla’s doing? Did they actually remove an app from my browser/computer? I am furious around this. It’s a hell of a thing to try and control what information your users can and can’t see. I would expect it from google, or microsoft, and other big tech assholes but not from Mozilla. All this crap about their commitment to “protecting privacy” and a “free internet”? I guess that was all just bullshit.

Regardless of the politics of the day, RT has had some of the best journos and commentators of all time. Larry King, Abbey Martin, Chris Hedges, Jesse Ventura etc, etc.

I can’t believe Mozilla would try to control their users access to information, and the chance to make up their own minds. Unbelievable.

Will they be doing this with American propaganda machines as well?

This is completely contrary to everything I though Mozilla stood for. But Nope. Just another big tech asshole trying to control the narrative.

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Oh, it seems to be unavailable from California, now, too. I get a weird message from their cloud hosting service (possibly Google).

I am really shocked that Installed Add-ons are getting removed with no real Reason behind other then the governments pressure to remove opposing news …
So much for the free internet … what comes next?

I live n the UK and the same happened to me. I got round accessing RT news with my VPN and changed the location to India. I can’t find the comments section anymore but I’m working on it.