Rules (3 bulbs) issue/debug?


I have 3 yeelight bulbs. B1, B2, B3
For these bulbs I have such rules created as:
IF B1 ON -> B2 ON
IF B1 ON -> B3 ON

These rules works from time to time.
It means that when B1 is ON sometimes (B2/B3 is still off)
Same for B2 is OFF (Sometimes B2/B3 do not turn off)

Do you have ant idea how to debug this issue and improve ON/OFF mechanism build on top of defined rules?

This may sound silly, but try adding the same command a few times. I have noticed the Yeelight addon is very lagged. This had worked for me with some older X10 devices. Might work here. So your single rule would like this this:

IF B1 ON -> B2 ON
-> B3 ON
-> B2 ON
-> B3 ON

It might be worth a try anyway.

You might also try switching from “if” to “while”. Would need one rule:

  • while B1 is on, B2 on + B3 on

I also use the “Pulse” add-on. I create a 1-second pulse for “on”, and a 1-second pulse for “off” (which is inverted, so that turning it off triggers the rule). I also assign a pushbutton so that a single press toggles the on pulse, and a double press toggles the off pulse. I create rules such as:

  • if “house bulbs” event on occurs => B1 on, B2 on, B3 on
  • if “everything” event off occurs => B2 off, B2, off, B3 off
    where bulbs on and bulbs off are 1-sec pulses (off inverted)

Then if you have a pushbutton:

  • press event => set “house bulbs” to on
  • double-press event => set “everything” to off

And I use the voice add-on to locally and privately say:
“Hey Snips” (wait for beep) “Turn house bulbs on”
“Hey Snips” (wait for beep) “Turn everything off”

In 2020, the Snips libraries will be replaced by Mozilla DeepSpeech at some point, since Snips was acquired by Sonos in 2019 and their open source libraries will continue development as closed source. :frowning:

How does one use the “while” rule? I have not yet seen any examples of this. Seems quite useful.

I’ve set separate rules for each bulb and it works

B1 -> B2
B1 ->B3