Run an event on Internet Health!

(Konstantina Papadea) #1

Hey Reps,

We launched the 2018 Internet Health Report this week! We know that the health of the internet matters to you and we want to make sure there are opportunities for you to engage in the report throughout the year.

We have a special ask for you. Will you run an event for the 2018 Internet Health Report? Running events on the report helps us ensure that it is a catalyst for global discussion and action about how we can make the internet healthier in local communities.

We’ve created this event guide that is filled with tips, templates, images and more to help you organize your event.

Be sure to share your event using the #internethealth hashtag and add your events to the reps portal so we can share the amazing work you do!

Have questions? Let us know.
Amira and Konstantina

(Geraldo Barros) #2

Hi @konstantina and @amirad,

Since it is so important for Mozilla now, our communities around the globe is working on activities and stuffs related to Internet Health Report, so could we have “Internet Health Report” as a initiative into Mozilla Reps reporting tool to report activities appropriately?


(Amira) #3

That makes sense to me Geraldo, thank you for suggesting it. I am going to defer to @konstantina on whether it is possible and we can get it up!

(Konstantina Papadea) #4

I like the idea. @yomanpatil what do you think about this? I think we should include it.

(David Ross - UK Community & Rep) #5

For greater discoverability consider adding the internethealth tag to this post. I’ve also previously added tags for each of the IHR issues, namely:

Use liberally to encourage discussion along these topics!