Running an extension in an iframe

Hello, sorry if this is basic. I tried searching the existing documentation and existing threads but had no success. I am trying to get an extension to run in iframes.

I created a browser extension that swallows a specific page: My extension works great when loaded directly, the background script replaces the query to the webpage with a blank response, and then a content script is injected which writes a completely new page. So far so good.

But when another page loads in an iframe, the extension appears to do nothing. The page loads within the iframe as though no extension is installed.

I would like my extension to apply even inside the iframe (only if the iframe is loading the above url). Is there an easy way to do this? What documentation should I be reading?

Resolved my issue. In the onBeforeRequest.addListener section, I had types: main_frame as a parameter. Removing that parameter solved my issue.