Same add-on, different versions for desktop and android

I have a small extension that works on both desktop and android, if I upload a new version with the android support removed in the manifest will the extension still be available for download using android (using the previous uploaded version)?

Or is this new uploaded version of the extension the only one that can be installed? If so I’m guessing the extension will not be searchable in android after that?

What will happen with the users that already have the extension installed in android?

I searched for this questions but did not find anything helpful, thanks to anyone that can help me with this.

No, if you remove Android support then the extension will no longer be available for installation on Android.

Correct, the only version that is available for installation through AMO is the most recently published version. As you suspected, AMO will no longer list the extension as available on Android in search or elsewhere.

Nothing in particular will happen for Android users. Existing users will continue to have the add-on installed but they will not pick up the update as it’s not compatible with their browser.