Schema Learning

What is a schema?

  • It’s a mental framework or concept that helps us organize and interpret information.
  • Think of it as a mental filing cabinet, where we store related ideas, experiences, and knowledge.
  • It’s like a blueprint for understanding the world around us.

How do schemas work in learning?

  1. Acquisition: We build new schemas through experiences and learning.
  2. Assimilation: We fit new information into existing schemas.
  3. Accommodation: We modify existing schemas or create new ones to accommodate new information that doesn’t fit.
  4. Retrieval: We use schemas to access and apply knowledge when needed.
  • Properties:
    • name : The name of the code
    • description : A description of the code’s purpose or functionality
    • programming Language : The programming language used
    • url : A link to the code’s source
    • codeRepository : A link to the code’s repository
    • runtime : The runtime platform required for the code to execute
    • sampleType : Indicates whether the code is a complete program or a code snippet
  • Implementation: Usually added using Microdata or JSON-LD syntax within the HTML Digital code where the code is displayed.

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