Screenshot disappeared from Firefox 88

When the browser got updated to version 88, the screenshot option disappeared from the site menu (the falafel button in the URL bar, next to the bookmark star).

Why? Where did it go? Why did nothing in the browser say that it will be gone?

Firefox’s screenshot feature is by far the best out of all of the browsers out there because it can snap to various HTML elements automatically, and it’s a feature I use regularly.

Right-click and select it from the context menu, or add it to the toolbar from the Customize widget

Thanks, found it.

It makes no sense to move that and break everyone’s muscle memory, especially without telling the users about it. Now to learn it for months before someone decides to move it or remove the feature entirely because “too few people use it”.

(Looks like some “send to device” link took the position of the copy link entry in that menu too, now to relearn that as well… Great…)

I just wanted to say I love this description.

And it would be nice to have a shim on the Page Actions menu that tells people “This button has moved” to make it more discoverable. (I think that would be possible, but it’s probably too late now.)

Another way to access screenshot is the keyboard command control-shift-S.

(This hasn’t changed, but it is customizable. See for more information.)

I heard it somewhere and it stuck with me, also apparently kebab menu :slight_smile:
(and the 3x3 grid thing may be called “bento menu”)

Awesome, I had not known about it (and seeing how that’s “Save As…” in so many other applications, I never tried to press it myself). It fascinates (and on some level infuriates) me that the shortcut has never been displayed in any menu, although many other shortcuts have.

That support article is great — would be so much better as part of the software, discoverable somehow…