Screenshot facility not active

I am not technically very thorough in Software or IT / computer skills. But I recently found, “Screenshot facility” ( of taking snapshot , adjustable size of your Screen ) is missing and not available , from menu ( at dropdown on Right hand side menu of address location ). How do I get it again back, that facility?

It is now a button, you can revert it as on Customize menu bar.
Why? They removed the page action.
Why I don’t understand why not re-add the button if you were using that feature.

But that is Print Screen button, I suppose. how to add on , as Custom Menu bar ?( in Windows 10 laptop)

I got the idea how to take Screenshot ( put in Word or …) , do not answer it, from a YouTube Video.

Print Screen button is for page printing, I was talking about the screenshot builtin firefox button.
I don’t know how to open the menu bar editing as there isn’t anymore the button in the menu (thanks Firefox UX designers) but I saw that a right click on that show the button to open that view.

You can also customize your Firefox toolbar to add a Screenshot button:

  1. Click the menu button Fx57Menu and choose Customize Toolbar….
  • A special tab will open, where you can drag and drop items in or out of the overflow menu and the toolbar.
  1. Drag the Screenshot Fx88Customize-ScreenshotButton item to the toolbar.
  2. Click Done.

I got it from Firefox Toolbar edit function. Thanks