Search Folder pane in Thunderbird

Hi, I am looking for an add-on or other way that would allow me to search the folder pane for a specific folder. I guess not so many people file messages into folders like I do, but I have somewhere above 1200 folders and subfolders and sometimes is is really hard to find the folder quickly.

I am looking for a way to search for a folder so that it is easier to find a subfolder or sub-sub folder that is maybe buried in another folder. I use Thunderbird 78.7.1 so this would need to work with the current Thunderbird.

Have you tried making it a Favorite folder, and using View > Folders > Favorite?

There is also Go > Folder. Maybe it will be under Recent or in the list there.

@WaltS48a I do have 80 favorite folders of the ones that I use weekly. However there are 1200+ folders on the main account and than maybe another 900 folders on other mail accounts. It sometimes takes me several minutes to find a folder since the folders often go 3 to 6 level deep. It would be really great if there would be a way to have a search feature in the folder pane when one starts typing and it filters the folders that are displayed.

I did actually find a solution now:

This has the option to search the folder pane by pressing SHIFT+G. So it helps a lot.

You might find this useful

I installed it on my wife’s machine - she has a couple of dozen folders, and she renamed some so she could find them with two keystrokes.

Thank you for this. I had asked somewhere else as well. In the end I found

This does exactly what i wanted. After installing this you press “g” and it gives a instant search for the folder tree.