Search Tools (search plugin) queue timing? (Replacing deprecated Yahoo search plugin)

(jscher2000) #1

Hello, the default Yahoo search plugin is being phased out. U.S. English users are already getting an update that hides it.

Users can install from a Yahoo search page if they have the optional Search Bar displayed. Or they can select among a bewildering list on

To ease the transition, I uploaded a “ Search” search plugin this morning, and I noticed it is 6th of 6 in the queue. I don’t know what that means in hours or days, but faster would be better to respond to users on SuMo and other platforms.



(jscher2000) #2

Thanks for the quick review.

Oddly, the mouse pointer shows a “forbidden” symbol when hovering the blue “Add to Firefox” button. I see this both in Firefox 58 and Firefox 52esr, and it occurs for other search plugins as well.

Is this by design?

(Jorge) #3

That may be due to this issue:

(jscher2000) #4

Yup, that looks like it. Hopefully to be fixed soon…